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Welcome to Integrative Bodyworx


     Thank you for visiting our website!

     Our office is located at 1130 Camino Del Mar Suite E in beautiful Del Mar.  We are upstairs from the Bella Villa Salon.  For your convenience, please park in the free 2 hour parking located out front.

     We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment due to time commitments to other clients.  You may print and fill out the health intake form before you arrive or arrive ten minutes early to complete.  We will discuss any injuries, medications or concerns you may have before the session.

     For a stretching session, please wear comfortable athletic wear.  For a massage session, you are asked to dress do down to your comfort level.  You will always be comfortably draped, exposing only the area being worked.

     Pressure is determined by the tissue, but can be as light or as deep as you feel necessary.  Although the therapist will "check in" to make sure you are comfortable, it is the responsibility of the client to communicate to the therapist if pressure needs to be adjusted throughout the session.

     You may choose to have a full body session or a more focused session on particular areas of the body, depending on your needs at the time.


     This is a professional environment and inappropriate behavior will lead to termination of the session.  


Gift Certificates


     Gift certificates make great gifts for all occasions and may be purchased online.

Series Plans

     Series packages are available at a reduced price per session.  Please inquire with your therapist.



     We greatly appreciate your support and help in building our practice.  In appreciation, please let us know each time you refer someone and you will receive a credit for $10.00 off your next session.


     Cash, check, Venmo, Zelle and major credit cards are all accepted. Payment is due upon completion of service.

24 Hr Cancellation Policy

     Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and we will work with you to be as flexible as possible. However, last minute cancellations or no shows are costly and eliminate the possibility to open that time for others. Therefore, when you filled out your initial massage therapy intake form, you agreed to a 24-hour cancellation policy.

     This policy will be followed for same day cancellations as well as no-show appointments.  We will do all we can to fill your appointment, but you will be charged for the full price of session if we are unable to do so.  Thank you for your understanding of this policy.

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